Our Design Center Is Full of Design Ideas for Your Windows, St. George!

Each room in your St. George residence has its own decorative style. And each window treatment should reflect the unique personality of the room to create the perfect atmosphere. That’s when our design center comes in handy with ideas and tips.

Let us show you just how exquisite St. George plantation shutters can be on your living room, bedroom, and even kitchen windows. For this reason, we put together the latest home design ideas to spark your creativity .

Your Custom Window Treatment Design Ideas

  • St. George Design TipsWe update you on the latest design tips for window treatments.
  • Idea Gallery. We collected pictures of window treatments in houses around St. George so you can scan through them and visualize the possibilities for your windows.
  • FAQ's. We provide answers to the most asked shutter design questions in St. George.
  • Videos. We take you backstage so you can see how we design your shutters to fit your windows perfectly – from the consultation to the installation. And we provide some tips and tricks to help you take care of your plantation shutters so they last a lifetime.
  • St. George Designer and Builder Info. We love working with designers and builders to bring the best shutters to your new construction project.
  • Blinds vs Shutters in St. George. We chart the differences between blinds and shutters – in a comprehensive pros-and-cons list. By the end of the list, you have clear explanations to help you pick which product is the perfect fit for your home’s decor.
  • The Total St. George Room Window Guide. This guide has window design recommendations for every last room in your St. George home.
  • Specialty Window Treatment Guide. Learn what window treatments to choose for specialty windows: octagonal windows, bow windows, sliding glass doors, french doors and more.