Window Shades In St. George

Install custom-made window shades from Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions to bring a more modern take on window treatments. We offer exquisite styles of window shades in St. George, including Cellular, Roller, Roman, Sheer, Transitional, and Woven shades. All our shades are available in an assortment of colors, patterns, fabrics, and textures that will complement your home’s intrinsic beauty.

And unlike window shades from home improvement stores, we custom design our shades to fit your windows. Whether you’re going for a calm, beach house motif with a jute woven shade, or would like a splash of color with a traditional roller shade, Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions has them all. We offer a variety of features to fit your style, including motorized shades, top-down/bottom-up, cordless, and more.

Cellular Shades Roller Shades Roman Shades Sheer ShadesTransitional Shades Woven Shades

Cellular Window Shades: Contemporary Style And Energy Efficiency 

Cellular shades in St. George
When you install a cellular window shade for your St. George house, you get a custom-made unique window treatment that has both a minimalist look and energy efficiency. Also named honeycomb shades, these shades are comprised of durable fabric cells that fold similar to an accordion. Unlike other shades and window treatments, Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions cellular shades are typically cord-free and are offered in many colors, textures, and pleat sizes. Since they're custom-made, they'll perfectly fit your window.

Traditional Roller Shades: The Sleek And Modern Window Shade For St. George  

Roller shades in St. George
Our unique line of roller shades will change the way you think about window shades. With Sunburst Shutters St. George you can choose from different choices for privacy and light control, from light linings to solid black-out shades. Our custom-made roller shades are available in many different colors and material, fringe and trim options, and many hem choices. With their minimal, modern style, our roller shades can complement every space in the house, regardless of your current style. 

Roman Shades: Custom-Made Refinement For Your St. George Windows 

Roman shades in St. George
Roman shades pair the splendor and style of fabric drapes with the ease of normal roller shades. Created from fabric that folds into itself, Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions Roman shades offer that crisp look that goes with both traditional and contemporary decors. Whether you opt for the familiar pleated look or choose a flat profile, our custom-made Roman shades will always add elegance to your rooms. You can even pick cord-free or motorization operation for your Roman shade.  

Sheer Shades: The Cross Between Fabric Shades And Interior Shutters

Sheer shades in St. George 
When you want the best of both custom-made fabric shades and shutters, go with sheer shades from Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions. These window shades feature twin cloth panels and slats. The treatments let you have complete control of light while giving the soft, uncluttered look of window shades. And since they're custom-built, they provide better light control and functionality than standard shades.

Transitional Shades: The Stylish Sheer Twist On A Traditional Roller Shade    

Transitional shades in St. George 
For a fun custom-made window shade in St. George, consider a transitional transitional shade. Comprised of two continuous fabric loops, you can easily move between a sheer shade and a dark privacy shade with a slight pull. Have the shade look like zebra stripes when you’d like more light. Or darken your room by lining up the opaque panels. However they’re positioned, your transitional shades from Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions will bring a sense of beauty to your space and fit your windows perfectly.

Woven Wood Shades: Provide A Natural Feel To Your Windows

Woven Shades in St. George
Woven shades in St. George offer the gorgeous natural beauty of a custom-made wooden window treatment without being too much for a room. The textured weaves are available in many materials, like bamboo, reeds, grasses, and other natural fibers, each with their own texture and style. Woven shades are a natural fit for the bedroom, family room, or den, but they can easily complement any space that needs an organic feel.

Looking For Motorized Shades In St. George? No Problem

Roller shades St. George

There are plenty of reasons why you’d like custom-made motorized shades in St. George, especially if your home has big windows, tall windows, or windows that are out of reach. Maybe your windows are too high or too poorly placed to raise your shades up manually. Or you’d like to sync your shades to your home automation system. Or maybe you have kids and don’t want cords dangling down. Either way, many of Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions window shades can be controlled with a remote.

At your in-home consultation, we’ll discuss which shades are available with a motorization option. We’ll explain how to raise and lower them using your remote control. Once they’re in your home, you can pair your shades with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for even more control. Using a home automation feature, you can schedule when your shades open and close or pair them with your smart lights when you need privacy. You can even control your motorized shades from your Alexa or Google Home app when you’re away from home. 


Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions Is Your Place For Custom-Built Window Shades In St. George

The first step in buying custom-made window shades for your St. George home is to call Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions St. George. We’ll show you examples of our window shades and plantation shutters, so you can see for yourself which window treatment is right for you. Just call 435-485-9332 or fill out the form below for your free in-home consultation.