Sheer Shades In St. George Gives You Both Elegance And Light Control

When you want a window shade that mixes elegance and light control, look to sheer shades in St. George. Sometimes called the lighter alternative to shutters because of their louveresque slats, sheer shades give you many ways to let the sunshine in lets you direct outside light enjoy natural light without worrying about the glare. And a full choice of colors makes your St. George sheer shades the perfect covering for your home.

Sheer shades are hung like a traditional cellular shade in St. George except they have dual long, sheer panels spaced about a few inches apart. Large slats are attached in between the two panels. To block out light, you have solid slats that are attached the panels that can then be adjusted to your needs. As you open up the slats your room becomes filled with soft outside light filtering through the sheer panels. When sun glare becomes a nuisance, just adjust the slats to block out the light. Then again, you can close them all the way for total privacy -- or raise the shade for a clean window.

Sheer Shade Options 

Manhattan Brown Sheer Shades in St. George

With sheer shades in St. George, you won’t have to trade style because you need a soft, practical window covering. The gossamer-like panels and louver-like slats are available in a variety of colors to blend into any room’s decor and perfect for any room. Whether you pick a corded, cord-free, or motorized lift system, these window coverings are one of the best ways to control outside light for glare and privacy. 

Why Install Sheer Shades In St. George  

Office Desk Area With Sheer Shades

The benefits of light control that sheer shades in St. George gives makes these treatments an attractive option for any window in your house. For high traffic areas, like family rooms or kitchens, sheer shades can brighten up the room with plenty of filtered light. Or when you need an unfettered pane of glass, just roll them up like a traditional window shade. For times you experience sun glare, adjust the slats to direct the sun beam to where you need it to go. Finally, those areas where you should have total privacy, like the bathroom and bedroom, you have the option to shut the slats completely.

Sheer shades are also a snap to operate. To tilt the slats or lower the shade, just use the cord. If cords aren’t your thing, you can choose a no cord motorized lift system. Sheer shades are perfect for larger windows and entryway doors in St. George, as they are slimmer than a wood or faux-wood blind, but still give the same light control. 

Sheer Shade Warranty

Sheer shades in St. George

Our sheer shades offer a warranty against any and all manufacturing defects in material, design, workmanship, and installation. Cords and mechanisms are warrantied for 3 years. Fabric and motorization are backed for 5 years

Sheer Shade Details

Operation Mechanism




Lower Top-Down

Adjustable louver-like veins


Various metal styles


Bottom rail



Colors from neutrals to bold hues

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