Rear Mount Tilt Rod Shutters In St. George to Open View

On the back of each louver is the rear mount tilt rod which is a thin metal strip that allows you to control the movement of your plantation shutters. It’s an easy and pragmatic way to get the feel of a hidden tilt rod in St. George without the price of an internally mounted gear mechanism.

Barely noticeable from the front, the rear-mount tilt bar lets you be in charge of the view. You simply move one louver to the desired angle, and the other louvers move in harmony.

With the tilt rod installed on the back of the louvers, your plantation shutters offer your room a trendy feel. And, similar to a front mount tilt bar, wiping your shutters is a piece of cake when your reach is unobstructed.

Our favorite aspect of a hidden tilt rod is that it accentuates the design of your shutters. Without a visible tilt rod, your windows look clean and sleek. 

We install a rear-mount tilt rod because we like the clean look it gives plantation shutters in St. George. Our installation professionals custom make plantation shutters with rear-mount tilt rods in St. George to match your home and style perfectly.