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How To Use Roman Window Shades In St. George

February 21, 2023

Interior design aficionados know that Roman window shades are a popular choice for good reason. Truthfully, they have always been an elegant and modern option for people searching for a cloth shade with unsurpassed adaptability. They make sense for numerous spaces and might be a great choice for your interior too. Would you like to find out why Roman window shades are so in demand in St. George?

What Exactly Are Roman Window Shades?

Tan Roman shades on large windows in a modern living room

What really makes a Roman window shade different from other types of window treatments? The answer is the manner in which the shade folds as it is drawn up. These window coverings are made of a soft material that folds at regular intervals. This brings the shade a clean, uniform appearance, whether it is drawn down fully, partially opened, or totally drawn up. They provide volume and feel while operating as a sharp, more useful alternative to drapes.

You Can Find The Right Style For Any Space

White top-down/bottom-up Roman shades in a home office.

This characteristic fold is key to the Roman window shade’s high demand in St. George and it is available in various options. Let’s briefly investigate the types of folds:


  • Soft/Hobble Fold: Hobble or soft fold Roman shades are the classic style, featuring slight folds that give the flowing look of a waterfall.
  • Flat Fold: Roman shades with flat folds are precisely what they sound like -- a single, flat section of material. This is a great choice for drawing attention to a special design or if you would like to introduce a bold accent color.
  • Batten Front: Battens, otherwise known as tunnels, are loops of material at the front of the shades. These loops are set at the fold points and can include things like a length of wood for structure. This loop offers a unique appearance distinct from other Roman window shades.
  • Batten Back: Batten back integrates fabric loops at the opposite side of the shade. Though this may sound like it wouldn’t change the style much, it provides a graceful allure you might prefer!


Pick From Corded, Cordless, And Motorized Options

Dark blue Roman shades on corner windows in a living room.

A huge advantage of having a Roman window shade in St. George is the manner in which the cord is incorporated. In corded types, they are cleverly connected behind the material, putting it out of sight and keeping them safe for little ones. There are also cordless options that you can effortlessly manipulate at the base to move up or down. Or get motorized shades that are becoming increasingly popular. With the touch of a button, your shades will change position however you want.

Ideal Uses For Roman Window Shades in Your St. George Decor

Fabric composition is a well-known characteristic of the Roman window shade, allowing for virtually endless possibilities for personalization. They can also be made to fit windows of any size or shape. The fabric can be found in a myriad of options, offering various transparencies for your preferred amount of light and privacy. You will even discover a virtually unlimited offering of colors and designs to complement your decor. What you choose largely determines the overall cost.

The fabric panels means these shades are not suitable for a high-moisture area like over a kitchen sink or in a bathroom. In these sorts of locations, a Polywood® interior shutter would be a smarter option. In other rooms, the Roman window shade is a quintessential fabric window treatment that works with any type of interior!

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