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The Importance Of A Waterproof Window Treatment in St. George

September 29, 2016

No matter where you call home, from St. George to the other side of the country, your home has a need in common with just about every other one in the country: waterproof window treatments. Whatever the style of your house, the outdoor climate, or the size of your family living with you, you’ll typically have the same moisture-heavy rooms: the kitchen, the laundry room, and your bathrooms.

As you may have figured, not each window treatment is made equal as to how capably they handle moisture and water. To make it simpler to understand, we’ll break down successful each window treatment is at handling moisture and tell you which ones are best for the rooms that experience the most water.

Level 1: Window Treatments That Don’t Stand Up To Moisture

Experienced St. George homeowners know that a few materials just don’t do well with water. Just ask the owner of a hardwood floor what water can do to lumber. Solid wood does not get along with moisture, as it makes wood swell and bow, which usually makes wood window treatments inoperable. Frequent moisture might also turn the natural cavities of the lumber into a haven for bacteria. Due to these facts, solid wood window treatments should not be used in rooms that may get damp such as the kitchen.

Fabric window treatments are also not great with humidity. Though the wear to fabric won’t be as considerable or visible, long term and repeated contact with water can compromise the weave of many fabrics, which can lead to color fading and fabric thinning.

Level 2: Water-resistant Window Treatments

St. George kitchen faux wood blinds.
Though not technically waterproof, window treatments here won’t be at risk of permanent damage when chosen for damp rooms. This group of window treatments features just about every product designated “faux wood,” like faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds can give you the beauty of a solid wood window treatment, adding contemporary fashion to your bathroom and privacy as well, without the headache that homeowners might get if it becomes too steamy.

Alternative window treatments that tend to resist most of the impairment from water are metal blinds. Though they don’t possess the same interior fashion appeal and coverage as some other window treatments, aluminum blinds are adaptable. They can be found in a large variety of colors, with cut-out options and additional features for privacy, while simultaneously being perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. Remember though that blinds that possess cords or fabric bands usually aren’t optimal for moisture-rich areas.

Level 3: Certified Waterproof Window Treatments

Plantation shutters in St. George bathroom.
This is what you’ve been waiting for: the window treatment that laughs off moisture, water, humidity and more like no other window treatment. Sunburst Shutters St. George is pleased to offer one of the only completely waterproof window treatments available in our Polywood® plantation shutters. Perfect for the laundry room or kitchen, Polywood shutters are constructed from a formulated material that is completely invulnerable to the debilitating effects of humidity, no matter if they’re originating inside your house or from outdoors.

Not convinced? We can show you the extent to which Polywood can handle wear, and we’re so sure of its resilience that we back every installation with our Lifetime Limited Warranty. In fact, you could hose Polywood shutters off in your lawn and they’d still function superbly, without any problems.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Prepared For Anything, St. George

If your home is in a humid or rainy area, or if you need new window treatments for the areas of your home with moisture, a waterproof window treatment needs to be your number one concern. Let Sunburst Shutters St. George help by calling 435-485-9332 to set up your free in-homewindow treatment consultation. And to get additional ideas for those rooms and others, check out our new Ultimate Room Guide to discover the perfect window treatments for every space in your St. George house!