Should My St. George Home Install an Inside Shutter Mount or Outside Shutter Mount?

Kasey Udy

At your in-home shutter consultation, you’ll need to decide how your plantatation shutters are installed. You could select an inside mount, which sits inside the window recess. Or you can utilize an outside mount, where your shutter frame is secured outside the window ingress and is hidden by decorative trim.

Sometimes the option of an inside mount or outside mount is determined by your window type. But sometimes the decision is yours to match your design scheme. So, when should you install an inside or an outside mount?

When You Should Utilize an Inside Mount in Your St. George Home

Inside Shutter Mount Style

As the name implies, an inside shutter mount is installed on the inside of the window panel. Inside mounted shutters can work with either a Z-Frame or an L-Frame. The Z-Frame is connected inside the frame but has a small lip around the window that makes a clean, polished look. However, an L-frame lies flat to the wall, and doesn’t have any extra finishing trim.

If your window can handle an inside mount, the decision for this type of frame is mostly cosmetic. However, windows that aren’t evenly squared may want to stay with with a Z-frame. The overhang on a Z-frame will hide the imperfections of the windows. The Z-frame is also wonderful for windows that can be tilted. L-frames work best if your window already has decorative trim or you want to maintain a minimalist look for your window.

When You Should Utilize An Outside Mount in Your St. George Home 

Outside Shutter Mount Style 
An outside mount attaches onto the wall and falls over the window frame instead of within it. The mounts are in an L-frame and contains its own trim, so the shutter’s fixtures will still be stylishly secluded. The shutters operate just like they would with an inside mount, and because of the trim, your company won’t even know the difference.

If your windows are hollow and lack a deep frame, you will have to utilize an outside mount. They also when you need some decorative trim surrounding the window to make it stand out more more. Many unique windows with uncommon window frames, like ovals or arches, will call for an outside mount, as will shutter treatments for patio and french doors.

Inside And Out, Sunburst Can Help You Hang The Perfect Plantation Shutters 

To establish whether you should consider an outside shutter mount or an inside shutters mount, go ahead and call in an expert. Sunburst is the premier shutter dealer in St. George and will help you find the most favorable way to hang your shutters. Just call 435-485-9332 or fill in the form below for your complimentary in-home consultation.