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Dispelling Myths About Shutters

April 03, 2017

We do a lot of talking to residents about shutters in St. George.

And even if it may come as a surprise, when we speak to people across St. George, we hear the same few shutter myths floating around. We want to spend a few minutes to set the record straight and expose some oft-repeated myths surrounding shutters so you’re able to make the perfect choice for your house when investigating new window treatments.

Myth: Shutters Are Easy to DIY

Many home improvement projects are simple enough to do by yourself in just one day. Putting in shutters might not be one of them, however.

St. George shutter installer

Putting in new shutters can be difficult from the get-go, as the measurements of the dimensions of your windows need to be incredibly precise to ensure a smooth and snug fit, as well as to ensure that your windows can still open and close. Depending on the shutter material, from Polywood® shutters to reclaimed wood shutters, raising big shutter panels and installing them level might present a rough task. If just one step of the process is done wrong, you might end up with misshapen shutters or frequent drafts from weather-stripping that doesn’t fit.

Myth: Shutters Will Make Your Home Look Dark

Less-informed home designers might not prefer shutters, believing shutters will make a space look “too dark” or dim. This myth probably stems from being unfamiliar with interior shutters.

Think of this: outside light will always enter into your home from an angle. Shutters let you modify that angle by tilting their louvers, giving you better control over how much light comes inside. And don’t forget, shutters are able to swing completely open to allow as much light as you might need.

St. George basement with polywood shutters.

Myth: Shutters Are Expensive

It’s accurate that shutters won’t be as cheap as discount rack blinds from a home improvement store. However this myth is more about how you’re thinking about shutters. If you’re thinking them as just a basic decoration that isn’t expected to last more than a few years, then yes, shutters can be a tad expensive. But shutters are a lasting part of your home, and have several benefits: shutters are energy efficient and are shown to lower heat and air conditioning bills, they can add to your home value, and shutters can last decades, unlike blinds–which will have to be replaced repeatedly throughout the years.

Myth: Shutters Only Look Good In Old Homes

Perhaps the name “plantation shutters” resulted in the myth that shutters are an “old-timey” treatment, but it definitely isn’t true. While shutters were seen often in older home styles stretching back decades, their straight, clean lines and neutral tones makes it so they fit in with more chic, modern designs just as seamlessly. Shutters are the definition of versatile window treatments.

interior shutters in St. George living room

Myth: Sunburst Shutters St. George No Longer Offers Design Consultations

Ok, that wasn’t a common myth–just making sure you’re paying attention.

The Sunburst Shutters St. George team is always thrilled to come to you for a free, no-strings-attached window covering consultation. Simply call 435-485-9332 or use the form below to get started on learning the truth about what shutters can do for you.