Best Window Treatments For Home Theaters And Media Rooms In St. George

Kasey Udy

For many people in St. George, the home theater or media room is more than a specialty room, but one of the most inclusive rooms you use.  The entire room is centered around the oversized 4k television.  The sound system envelops you in award-winning scores and exciting sound effects. Now, it’s time to install the best window treatments for your home theater or media room experience.

Your media room may be part of a family room, but you still want to get the most from your television.  Nevertheless, you need a covering that will completely darken the room, so that you don’t have to deal with glare on your screen. It’s also nice if your coverings could muffle outside sound.  As an added bonus, your window treatments should have style even when your movies aren’t playing.  

So what are the best window treatments for a home theater or media room?

Your Window Coverings Should Make The Room Dark

Shutters in Theater Room 

When you watch TV in a home theater or media room, you want the room as dark as possible.  The obvious choice are shades that block distracting sun and street lights.  Opaque cellular shades, roller shades or Roman shades can effectively block out the sun. And by using fabric or sold colors, you can get the room as black as you want, so that the only illumination will come from the screen.

However, while the right shade will get your room pitch black, they don’t do a exceptional job at directing light.  If you need the option to direct light also, you may want to look at plantation shutters. Shutters have the ability to adequately darken the room when you shut the louvers. However, sometimes you might need some sunlight, so the room doesn’t seem so closed in. With these window treatments, you can let just a bit of light in, while still ensuring that you can watch television without a glare.  

Your Window Treatments Should Hinder Sound

Shutters in a living room with a tv 

While ensuring that your home theater or media room has enough darkness is important, don’t underestimate the influence of sound.  Outside noise, such as children having fun in the yard or a passing car, can divert you from what’s on the screen. Music and dialog from what you are watching should also be protected, as dialog and music can become distorted when it hits your window’s glass panes.

Cellular shades can keep the room dark, but they usually are too thin to adequately stop outside noise.  Blinds can have similar problems as they are open around the sides. Drapes and curtains might block outside annoyances, but might also dampen dialog from your TV and stop you from hearing a true surround-sound experience.  

Plantation shutters, on the other hand, block outside noise and keep inside sound nice.  If your street is mostly reserved, any plantation shutter should work just fine. Then again if you live in an area that has more ambient noise, like close to a playground or on a busy street, you should use a denser faux wood shutter. Whatever covering you choose, make sure you arrange your sound system after after your treatments are installed so that you you get quality sound from your speakers.

The More Uses Of Your Media Room, The More Functional The Window Treatment

Bedroom with shutters and oar over tv photo courtesy of Kathy at The Daily Nest

As bigger screen televisions become more in fashion, media rooms have begun to be seen as the main recreational area.  Used for more than films, media rooms are also a room for gaming, watching sports, and general entertaining. In this instance, you will need a more versatile window treatment that looks great when it’s not in use.

When a cellular or roman shade is up, they dissapear into the window sill.  This leaves your windows bare enough , letting in 100% sunlight, but won’t help privacy or style. Plantation shutters let your room be seen as a general space, and not just as a movie room. And since you can adjust each one as much as you need, you can designate a side couch where people might opt to talk or play a game. The rest of the group can then sit in the main part of the room enjoying the movie .

Which Window Treatment For Your Home Theater Or Media Room Will You Choose?

If your home theater doesn’t have a lot of outside windows, then you may want to opt for a cellular, roman or roller shade.  If you use a multi-purpose media room, then plantation shutters may be the best option. Any way you go, your Sunburst representative can help you out.  Call 435-485-9332 today to schedule your in-home consultation.